Redfishing Guides of the Atlantic & Gulf Coasts

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Here you will find a comprehensive list of Guides who fish for Redfish. These guides ply their trade  in the States of Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

Redfish are a tough fighting Surface Feeding 
Dynamo that are highly sought as Sportfish. There is even a fairly new Redfishing Tournament

If we do not have a guide listed for the location 
you want to fish, contact me for personal service 
in finding a Guide or Charter for you.

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Blackened Redfish  Recipe
(Created by Paul Prudhomme)


Alabama Redfishing Guides

Florida Redfishing Guides

Georgia Redfishing Guides

Louisiana Redfishing Guides

Mississippi Redfishing Guides

South Carolina Redfishing Guides

Texas Redfishing Guides

Saltwater Fishing Reports


Redfishing Tournaments
Redfish Cup 
Ranger Redfish Tour

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